Favorite Bible-related podcasts

Yesterday, I shared a short list of my favorite philosophy podcasts. Today, I do the same with podcasts that are related to the Bible in some way. If I’ve missed a good one, let me know in the comments.

Favorite Bible-related podcasts

  1. The Bible for Normal People — Pete Enns and Jared Byas invite their readers to ponder the Bible from a variety of vantage points, including those of scholars for whom the Bible is their subject area, but also clergy, theologians, and other influential thinkers
  2. NT Pod — Mark Goodacre of Duke University dives deeply into various New Testament-related topics and stays within 10-25 minutes most episodes
  3. On Script — introduces listeners to what’s new (usually) in the field of Biblical Studies
  4. New Testament Review — Two doctoral students (Ian Mills and Laura Robinson) summarize the content and influence of older, groundbreaking texts in the field of New Testament Studies
  5. The Bible and Beyond — Shirley Paulson focuses primarily on texts that weren’t included in the New Testament canon but were considered to be Christian Scripture by many/some in antiquity
  6. The Bible Project — I’ve always liked their videos and their podcast often includes insights into biblical texts that I have never considered


3 Replies to “Favorite Bible-related podcasts”

  1. Thanks for this list Brian. I’ve not gotten into hearing podcasts, but some of these are appealing, and I may go after one or more. But most of my “free” time is in developing further, on a new site, my own blogging.


    1. You’re welcome. What I like about podcasts is that I can enjoy them while walking my dog, or cleaning my house, or driving. That way they’re available even when the time isn’t technically ‘free’.


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