My name is Brian LePort. I’m a Social and Religious Studies Instructor at TMI Episcopal in San Antonio, TX. (While I hope to represent my employer well, nothing I write here is as a representative of my employer!) I’ve been teaching at the high school level for seven years now. This includes courses on the Hebrew Bible, the Christian New Testament, comparative religion, and American religion.

I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Bristol (Bristol, UK) via Trinity College Bristol. (The focus of my thesis was the early reception of the prediction attributed to John the Baptist regarding a “stronger one” who was coming after him to baptize the people in “holy spirit [and fire]”. So, I’m trained primarily in biblical studies but have ventured into the broader world of religious studies.) While teaching is my primary occupational focus, I have remained engaged with the academy where possible, including doing some writings, and serving on the Society of Biblical Literature’s Educational Resources and Review Committee (beginning in 2022).

My non-vocational life is spent mostly at home with my lovely wife, Miranda (pictured), and our fur-baby, a Cocker spaniel named “Frida”.

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