Favorite philosophy podcasts

I don’t teach philosophy but I do co-sponsor our school’s Philosophy Club. Therefore, I’m qualified to share this list of my favorite philosophy podcasts with you. If I’ve missed a good one, please let me know in the comments.

Favorite philosophy podcasts:

  1. Philosophize This! — simply a great podcast that’s informative, well-researched, and easy listening
  2. Philosophy Bakes Bread — a ‘Car Talk’ like podcast about philosophy that always has interesting guests discussing interesting topics
  3. The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast — this podcast does fun things like dramatize Plato’s Euthyphro
  4. Drunken Philosophy — just goofy and fun; sounds like two friends discussing Wikipedia articles
  5. Philosophy for Our Times — very British
  6. Very Bad Wizards — very long episodes

Honorable mention: Philosophy Talk Starters — basically previews to one of my favorite radio shows of all times, Philosophy Talk, but still just previews (for fans of the show, the tribute to the great Ken Taylor, who just passed away [RIP] a few weeks ago, is available in full)


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