Parenting, the Bible, and Faith-Transitions

My experience as a Religious Studies Instructor who teaches high schoolers, and conversations I’ve had with friends who are rethinking how they may or may not teach the Bible to their own children, led me to ponder whether some parts of the Bible are more appropriate for others depending on the age of a child. See “Rating the Bible”. Now I see Jared Byas of “The Bible for Normal People” fame has released a podcast episode titled “Parenting in a Faith Transition” with his wife, Sarah Byas, where they discuss this topic, so I thought I’d share but also document so that I remember it as I continue to think on this topic.


Favorite Bible-related podcasts

Yesterday, I shared a short list of my favorite philosophy podcasts. Today, I do the same with podcasts that are related to the Bible in some way. If I’ve missed a good one, let me know in the comments.

Favorite Bible-related podcasts

  1. The Bible for Normal People — Pete Enns and Jared Byas invite their readers to ponder the Bible from a variety of vantage points, including those of scholars for whom the Bible is their subject area, but also clergy, theologians, and other influential thinkers
  2. NT Pod — Mark Goodacre of Duke University dives deeply into various New Testament-related topics and stays within 10-25 minutes most episodes
  3. On Script — introduces listeners to what’s new (usually) in the field of Biblical Studies
  4. New Testament Review — Two doctoral students (Ian Mills and Laura Robinson) summarize the content and influence of older, groundbreaking texts in the field of New Testament Studies
  5. The Bible and Beyond — Shirley Paulson focuses primarily on texts that weren’t included in the New Testament canon but were considered to be Christian Scripture by many/some in antiquity
  6. The Bible Project — I’ve always liked their videos and their podcast often includes insights into biblical texts that I have never considered