Tripp Fuller, James McGrath, & Donna Bowman explore The Matrix Resurrections

I’ve written about The Matrix Resurrections on this blog twice already: see “Lana Wachowski, The Matrix Resurrections, and our hypocrisy (?)” and “Trinity’s comment to the Analyst in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ and how the sequels correct the original”. Well, Tripp Fuller’s podcast, Homebrewed Christianity, hosted a discussion of the movie with James McGrath and Donna Bowman in the most recent episode, so of course, I must link to it, especially since I’ve been happy to hear them making the positive connections to the sequels that I see as well. Go take a listen if you’re geeking out about the film as well: “Exploring the Matrix Resurrections!”


Educating in the Era of COVID-19: Week 2

Another week in the books. Another day sitting at home. Another opportunity to worry less about whether we’ll resume this school year and to worry more about whether next school year will be delayed. I’m handling the anxiety of the pandemic well but I worry for those who aren’t. I worry about my students who can easily fall through the cracks if we don’t keep up with them day-to-day. I worry about the financial stability of my government, employer, family-members, friends. But overall, all things considered, I’m doing good.

Next week should be a good one. I’m interviewing several scholars and practitioners about their work including Joseph Laycock (Satanism), Kevin R. Daugherty (the ‘Convergence’ Movement, i.e, liturgical Pentecostals), and James McGrath (the doctrine of the ascension). A few others are being lined up or have been lined up for the weeks ahead. I’ll share my interviews here will permission.

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Social Mediators!

The AAR/SBL Annual Meeting is only a few days away. I’m excited because (1) I haven’t been in a few years and (2) it’s in San Diego. San Diego! But back to the first reason: I look forward to reunited with geeks who enjoy pondering the same types of nerdy things I enjoy pondering! Which brings me to the announcement made by the great Dr. Who-of-Religious-Studies, James McGrath (no, not Mark Goodacre…though he might be a different regeneration…but I get ahead of myself since honestly, I don’t know much about Dr. Who): What used to be a reception for ‘Bibliobloggers’ (back in my day) is now a reception for….wait for it….

Social Mediators!

According to James, it looks like Fortress Press will be welcoming us. So, if you blog, tweet, snap….ok, not snap….Facebook (?), reddit, or use other forms of social media to help promote the scholarship of religion, then I hope to see you there! Here’s that reception’s details:

M24-532 Fortress Press Reception Sunday, 9:00 PM–11:00 PM Marriott Marquis-Marriott Grand 9 (Lobby Level)