New Project: “Religion in San Antonio”

This summer, I’m teaching a class called “Religion in San Antonio”. Since I plan on teaching it every other summer, and because I think there needs to be a central resource dedicated to exploring the diversity of San Antonio’s religions, past and present, I’ve created an accompanying website:!

I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with it. It’ll have a blog where I’ll mention books on San Antonio history, share interesting fun facts, spotlight scholars of religion who live and study here, post some book reviews, etc. It’ll have pages dedicated to naming and exploring various religious communities by their broader religion-grouping (e.g. Buddhism; Islam). And then whatever else seems fitting.


3 Replies to “New Project: “Religion in San Antonio””

  1. This sounds fascinating and important, Brian. I think something like it should br done in all communities of any size.

    As to San Antonio, are you aware of Julie Nichols there? She’s a Catholic layperson who, until recently (or maybe yet for a shortntime), headed “Democrats for Life”.


      1. Since writing my comment, I’ve confirmed that Julie is still in the Democtats for Life position until they find a replacement. I barely know her, but if you want an introduction, especially via LinkedIn, let me know. I’d imagine if you wanted to connect there on your own, she’d accept and you could go from there.

        From a similar “culture war” midpoint position, there is a “Consistent Life Network” (.org) also… not related to DFL that I know. I don’t know much about that CLN org … it is non-religious and non-partisan… but probably worth being advanced as a “meeting ground” potentially — where “pro life” is challenged to care beyond the womb and “pro-choice” is called to non-violence prior to birth (or IN the womb); to valuing what is at least early stages of a separate “life”, if not yet a “person” or a “soul”.


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