AAR/SBL 2021: Day 1/2

This was originally posted on November 21st, 2021.

It was a lot of fun being back at an “in person” conference yesterday. (Though today, due to the sessions and meeting I’ve chosen to attend, I’m back home and online. It’s nice to live in San Antonio, so I can choose to drive downtown or just stay at my house!) I didn’t do anything during the official “day 1” on Friday but yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a couple of sessions and go to lunch with my friends and fellow Trinity College Bristol grads, Marc Groenbech-Dam and Erica Monge-Greer.

The morning session I attended was titled “Teaching Biblical Studies in an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Context”. I listened to the first two papers which were both great. I plan on using what I learned from both Douglas B. Miller’s “Bible Simulation: Engaging Gen Z Students with the Text” and Cindy Dawson’s “Harry Potter and Janet Osteen Teach the Extrabiblical Gospels”.

The afternoon session I attended was titled “Intertextuality in the New Testament”. I enjoyed those presentations and I got to hear Marc’s paper “Intertextual Interplay in Matt 27:43–53: Exploring the Evocation of David’s Song (2 Sam 22:5–20) in Jesus’s Experience on the Cross.”

My great accomplishment was securing my book haul in one tour. Here’s a picture:


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