Published: Teaching Tactic in “Teaching Theology and Religion”

I submitted a 6,000+ word conference paper to the editors of the journal Teaching Theology and Religion. They were interested in the practical exercise mentioned at the end of the paper, so they asked if I’d rework and resubmit that portion. The result is a 600+ word “Teaching Tactic”. I’m grateful to have had this published. I hope it inspires some teacher, somewhere. The article (entry?) can be accessed here: “Teaching digital discernment to emerging generations” as part of the digital version of Teaching Theology and Religion 23/4 (December 2020).

Last time I checked, Teaching Theology and Religion is open access though it does seem to be asking for more when I go to the website. Maybe it’s a hiccup or temporary.

If you’re interested in the theoretical material from my paper that the editors didn’t want, here is a redacted version that gives you everything except the exercise itself, which is what I signed over to the journal:


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