#SBLAAR2020: Day 8

Today’s sessions:

-SBL’s “Ecological Hermeneutics”
-SBL’s “Christian Theology and the Bible / Matthew” focusing on “Women Interpreters of Matthew’s Women”

I signed into the first one during lunch break, so with what attention I could give it, I did enjoy Paavo Tucker’s “What Does It Profit? Qohelet and the Commodification of Nature”; Dominic S. Irudayaraj’s “Destruction-Restoration Dichotomy in Isaiah 34–35: An Ecological Reappraisal”; and Rebecca Copeland’s “Blessing the Fig Tree: Redeeming Nonconforming Bodies in Matthew 21:18–22:14” before I had to resume teaching.

I’m two papers into the Matthew session and it’s been great.


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