#SBLAAR2020: Day 1

I’m teaching from home this week because we’re in the middle of an ongoing and worsening global pandemic, so in-between classes I’ve been trying to attend sessions of #SBLAAR2020. This morning I slipped in one session from “Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible”. It was a great presentation by R. K. Wilkowski “Text, Theology, and Adaptation: The Influence of Creation ex nihlio and Functional Ontology on Retellings of Genesis 1:1–2 in Children’s Bibles”. It made me curious about teen study Bibles and how they present/interpret the Bible. That may be a future project of mine. (It would fit my teaching demographic!)

This afternoon I was able to join the Synoptic Gospels section. It was difficult to focus while prepping for classes but I did get to hear Greg Carey and David Burnett. Now I’m in a pedagogy focused session: Teaching Biblical Studies in an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Context.

I feel like I’ll attend more sessions since there’s no lunch, dinner, or coffee meetings to distract. This year will provide that academic conferences are 25% academics/75% socializing. What do we do without the socializing?!


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