Grace Cathedral’s Forum

Many years ago, I heard N.T Wright and Anne Rice at The Forum at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. (Thankfully, there’s evidence of this session on another blog, because who would imagine Wright and Rice as a pairing.) If I remember correctly, I may have heard Brian McLaren there as well. This week I rediscovered The Forum via their podcast episodes (iTunes; Spotify). They have some great episodes available. I’ve listened to the interview with Dr. Grace Kao, Professor of Ethics at the Claremont School of Theology and co-director of the Center for Sexuality, Gender and Religion, talk with the Dean of Grace Cathedral, Malcolm Clemens Young, ‘about individualism and inequality, solidarity and the common good, and discerning a sense of the global common good in a time of crisis.’ Also, the one with Dr. Wendy Doniger, about Hinduism and her book (which I’ve been ready slowly for a while now), The Hindus: An Alternative History. Next up: Dr. Christine Carter on ‘the New Adolescence’ and Dr. Katherine Sonderegger on Christian Systematic Theology.

By the way, how does one get a job as Dean of a Cathedral? I think going to work at Grace Cathedral every day, with that view of San Francisco, and with a job to facilitate discussions like these, sounds like a dream!


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