Google Meeting the Bible Again for the First Time: Days 5-6 of Summer School

One of the keys to my class has been to mix the learning approaches. Students have watched movies such as The Prince of Egypt (1998) and Noah (2014) as well as The History Channel’s ‘The Bible’ miniseries. I’ve used these ‘visual arts’ to address the nature of interpretation and explain how the ambiguity of Hebrew Narrative leaves the door open for diverse interpretations.

Today, students are making memes summarizing one of the stories we’ve discussed. This is an act of interpretation as well. And I plan on emphasizing that.

Then there have been lectures, short videos (BibleProject is always helpful), Google Meet discussions (that we ask students to record for evaluation), and much more.

I think the students have enjoyed learning about the Bible from a variety of vantage points. Plus it keeps things fresh and prevents the teacher from getting stuck in a rut.


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