Google Meeting the Bible Again for the First Time: Day 4 of Summer School

We’re almost a week into my three week summer school class and here are some concerns:

  1. It’s hard to address absences. Brick-and-mortar school is easier. The student is present or absent. Maybe traffic or car problems can muddy things a bit. Online classes make it harder to know whether an excuse is being given or if there’s a real situation. Summer school, specifically, is a problem because each day is like a week, so one day of bad Internet connection is worse than one day of car trouble.
  2. I like Google Meet. I don’t dislike Zoom but it’s not my favorite. That said, Zoom allows you to see all the faces present…Google Meet doesn’t. I downloaded an extension that should allow me to implement grid view tomorrow. We’ll see if it works! If so, that takes care of that problem.

Otherwise, things are going really well. At some point I’ll share some of my students insights. Their discussions of Lamentations 1 and Psalm 137 were great. I want to say more about that when I have time!


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