Google Meeting the Bible Again for the First Time: Day 2 of Summer School

Well, it was a strange and terrifying day yesterday. In fact, it felt like two separate days. The morning was amazing. I felt that class went really well, even though it was completely online. Thirty-one students enrolled and thirty of them made it. I’ll take that percentage! Yesterday, I introduced our approach to reading the Bible in a classroom setting. Today, we focused on how the Israelites/Judahites were similar or dissimilar to neighboring cultures.

The highlight of the day, as it was yesterday, was checking in on the independent Google Meets organized by student leaders. As I mentioned, my students are grouped in ‘Cohorts’. Today, in order to tie together some of the asynchronous homework they did last night, I had them discuss Lamentations 1 and Psalm 137. I want them to hear and feel the angst of the exiles. Listening to their discussions was fun!


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