Dietary practices in ancient Galilee

Rossella Tercatin of The Jerusalem Post reports on recent finding from a pit at Tel Bet Yerah that reveal the common Hellenistic (Greek) diet in Galilee from approximately 2,200 years ago. Jewish settlements from the time include ‘cattle, sheep, and goat bones’ while Greek settlements include ‘snail shells both from saltwater and freshwater species, as well as pig and gazelle bones, all of which are unconsidered unfit to eat by the laws of kashrut.’

This further supports to findings of scholars who have argued that Jewish Galilee was distinctly Jewish as they could be in the early age of Hellenization.

Read ‘Feast of snails and pigs sheds life on Hellenistic life in ancient Galilee’.



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  1. Brian, this morning I was reading a small book, ‘Jeremiah’ by John Challenor, before I opened your blog page and came across the article on ‘Dietary practices in ancient Galilee’ which I was pleased to read.

    I was wonder if we should not see in this extravacation and its findings more of the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian diets of the years 600s when Jeremiah emerged into public ministry condamning apostasy (as opposed to Hellenistic diet)? This is the period where apostasy was seen on every hill and defilement with Baal under every spreading tree, worship oof idols, sticks, stones, and bones. We can continue with this debate.

    On a different note, however, I saw your question posed to the internet users in 2010 when you asked the question about the Influence of Jeremiah you had suspected on Apostle Paul ( For some strange reasons, I found asking myself the very same question. It is the search on the Internet (having typed the same words) which , in fact, led me to your question posted many years ago. Did you find the answer? I would like us to restart that conversation if possible as I am still willing to find out more on the relationship between these two ministries bearing in mind that they seem all to come from the tribe of Benjamin, they probably were not all married and were very controversial ministers and faced persecution at the hands of their own people.

    My name is Joseph Minga. I live in South Africa. Feel free to contact me at this email address: (

    Stay safe, stay blessed my brother!


    1. Hey Joseph,

      My apologies for missing your comment. It had gone to spam. Great question about the archaeological discovery. Honestly, that’s outside my expertise, so I’m going with what the report is, but who knows?

      It’s been quite a while since I wrote that post but I don’t remember having reached any particularly insightful conclusions, unfortunately.


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