Educating in the Era of COVID-19: Day 26

Every Wednesday I host optional ‘office hours’ via Google Meet with my five classes. While online advisory is basically dead (I had a single student appear for about five minutes yesterday) my check-ins are just smaller but still populated enough to justify their existence.

That said, I am done with this year, and they are done with this year, and I think everyone is looking to the future now. As I’ve stated, personally, this means June when my summer school class is completely online, but we have to talk about the fall as well.

I’m part of our school’s task force for prepping for next year, so I’m trying to keep myself updated, and trying to project-by-reading. It’s probably useless but it makes me feel better, and more stressed, which is weird.

Here are a couple of articles I saw and skimmed that seem relevant: one for fall and one for the next few weeks:

  1. ‘A Case for a Virtual Fall Term 2020 (and Probably Spring 2021)’ by Stan Yoshinobu: This isn’t an optimistic take. It’s also about college campuses and I teach high school. But in spite of being sad, and being only adjacently relevant, it contains points we have to consider.
  2. ‘How Do We Wish Our Students a Good Summer During a Pandemic’ by Shannon Orr: Usually, I take a class selfie on the last day of the semester. I’ve done it since I started teaching. Then I shake my students’ hand as they leave and thank them for the opportunity to study with them. What do I do this year to say ‘thank you’ and ‘good-bye’?

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