Testing online whiteboards

As I prepare for a partially synchronous, partially asynchronous summer school class in June, I’m trying to determine the worth of an online whiteboard. I’ve been testing Miro this morning. It has a lot of nice features. Students can comment. There’s a chat feature. Links and videos can be embedded. You can create a whiteboard that students can edit. Ascetically, the website is clean and the whiteboard itself is nice.

Here’s my attempt to take this actual drawing on a whiteboard that I did last time I taught this class (The Hebrew Scriptures)…

…and turn it into a digital version using Miro:

Your work can be downloaded as a JPG as well:

I guess the big question is this: How much more useful is an online whiteboard than a Google Slide? Presumably, the chat and comments features add important versatility.

Also, my wife told me about Microsoft Whiteboard. It’s a free option as well. I haven’t tested it yet because I’m working from my MacBook and the only option for iOS is iPad and iPhone. I have both, and I have a work computer that runs on Windows, so I’ll try to test it eventually.

Any other recommendations?


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