Educating in the Era of COVID-19: Day 13

These days feel longer and longer. I’m not saying that in a particularly negative way. Sometimes the days of summer break feel this way because there’s less happening. But that’s not quite the case now, is it? There’s a lot happening. I haven’t measured my days but it does seem to take longer to do my job this way than it did before the pandemic.

Yesterday I checked in with my students via Google Meets. Most of them are doing well. The feedback I’ve received indicates that most of my students (not all) are comfortable with the workload for my class, are finding the instructions clear, and are generally OK with everything. Still, I can’t help but feeling that they’re not learning all that I want them to learn.

But what they are learning is what they’ll need for college, and graduate school if they attend, and that is the necessity of time-management, of planning your day, or evaluating your workload on your own, and of setting an alarm clock to get up before 1 PM. School provides this for them. Their families provide this for them. But someday, they’ll have to provide it for themselves.

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