Interview: discussing the Convergence Movement with Fr. Kevin Daugherty

I’m excited to share my second interview with you. This morning I spoke with Fr. Kevin Daugherty. He’s a Priest within the Convergence Movement (specifically the Convergent Christian Communion). Fr. Daugherty talks about how the Convergence Christian Communion brings together aspects of Christianity that are rarely found in a single expression of the religion: (1) being open and affirming; (2) being charismatic; (3) being evangelical; (4) being sacramental. For those who are familiar with the writings of Dr. Robert Webber or Dr. Thomas Oden, this movement embraces much of what they imagined Christianity might be. (FYI, in the interview, Fr. Daugherty mentions a charismatic Episcopal service on YouTube. Here’s the video: Charismatic Episcopal Church in Paris.)

Here are the questions I asked during this interview:

  1. Please tell everyone why I’m talking with you about this topic. What’s your relationship with the Convergence Movement?
  2. What is the Convergence Movement and where did it come from, and when did it come into existence? 
  3. We’re doing this interview because (1) I teach at an Episcopal School, so my students are familiar with Episcopal liturgy (experientially) and (2) my students just spent some time studying Pentecostalism. Can you explain how Anglican/Episcopal and Pentecostal spirituality intersect in the Convergence Movement?
  4. One critique many people have of Christianity, in general, is that it seems to birth new denominations daily. Why the Convergence Christian Communion (CCC)? What not being a charismatic Episcopalian or a liturgical Pentecostal assembly? 
  5. On the CCC website there are four main points listed in the section on your ‘identity’: (1) We are open and affirming; (2) We are charismatic; (3) We are evangelical; (4) We are sacramental. Can you explain what each of these means to the CCC and why they’re important?
  6. This interview is being recorded primarily for my class ‘Religion in the United States’. What does the American context have to do with the formation of the Convergence Christian Movement and its particular emphasis on the aforementioned points?
  7. Finally, what’s the best thing about being in the Convergence Christian Movement? What do you like most about your tradition?

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