Educating in the Era of COVID-19: Day 7

Life is usually cyclical but now it’s hyper-cyclical. Today is Tuesday, right? I hope so because I uploaded class material for my student who are supposed to receive it on Tuesdays and I hosted an online advisory with my advisees. So yes, it must be Tuesday!

Four of my eleven advisees checked-in. They’re doing well. One is four chapters ahead in her required reading of (the all too-fitting) 1984. I’m sure her English teacher will be proud. Others find themselves ahead in some classes and just on time in others. Nothing completely out of the norm except the four chapters anecdote.

Personally, I’m a little stir crazy today. I don’t like this sense of unknowing. I’m already having conversations about what to do with my summer school class. I’m already thinking about what it looks like to start next year online come August. I don’t know what will happen in either scenario but the CDC Director (and thank you for your honesty, sir) gives me no assurance when he says the virus will be with us for months to come. Ugh.

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