YouTube instructions in Google Classroom

Yesterday, I uploaded my first, short test video to Google Classroom. I’ve been using Google Classroom for a couple years already, so my students are comfortable with the platform. Also, my employer uses Google for a lot, so take that into consideration, since it means I’m not paying for extra space and such. But for those looking for a way to do assignments online, Google Classroom is a nice option.

First, you can upload assignments as Google Docs or Forms. If Docs, you can make sure each student gets their own individual version of the assignment. There’s more to say, but Google has said it already, so check out ‘Google tools help schools impacted by COVID-19’.

One of the things students might miss is your in-person instructions. Anyone who has made something using IKEA products knows that you might be better off checking YouTube for an instructional video. I want to have instructional videos, not just written text. So, I did a test run and it’s easy and it works.

If you have a Google account, go to YouTube. On the upper right-hand side you’ll see a little camera icon. Click it!

I recommend using the ‘Upload Video’ option, since ‘Go Live’ requires a certain number of subscribers, I think. Next, you can use your desktop to record a video and then upload it. Or you can use the YouTube app and record using your phone (which is what I did).

Make sure you give the video the setting ‘Unlisted’ under visibility. This means only people with the link can see it.

Once you’ve done this, place the link into the feed of your Google Classroom. Voila! You have video instructions.


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