Are your classes going online? YouTube’s your new friend!

Hey teachers!

I had a friend reach out to me today because COVID-19 (now a pandemic, so that’s disturbing) has shut down his classes and it’s time to transition to online education for a week or two. (By the way, Alie Ward’s Ologies podcast did a helpful episode on COVID-19 for those who want to learn more.) Previously, on Twitter, I tweeted links to some of my favorite educational YouTube channels, and he was asking if I could point him in the direction of those resources. I presume there are others who face a similar predicament. If so, I can help some of you by pointing you in the right direction. (Obviously, I’m more useful to those who teach Humanities-related topics). Here’s my starter list:

  1. BibleProject
  2. Crash Course
  3. Kurzgesagt
  4. PBS’ Origin of Everything
  5. Religion for Breakfast
  6. Ted-Ed
  7. The School of Life
  8. Wisecrack

If you teach STEM-related topics, I’m sure some of these will help you get started in the right direction. If you have YouTube channels you’d like to share, leave a comment.


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