2020 SWCRS

Yesterday I arrived in Irving, TX, for the 2020 Southwest Commission on Religious Studies. I left my suit coats at home, and needed to go buy at least one replacement, so I missed early registration last night. Otherwise, it was a smooth Day 1.

Happily, I saw that there are quite a few book sellers here. That’s always important for a good conference!

Today, I intend on attending the SBL-Hebrew Bible session (Theme: Genesis) in the morning; the SBL-Second Temple Judaism session (Theme: Religion in Crisis: Colonization and Lament) in the early afternoon; and the SBL-New Testament session (Theme: Reading Romans with Beverly Gaventa) in the late afternoon.

Sunday, my options are limited, because I’m presenting (!) during the SBL-New Testament session (Theme: Biblical Studies in the Bible Belt: Pedagogy and Best Practices) during the morning session. I’ll post my paper on this blog later today or early tomorrow.


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