Lego Temples

Whenever it comes time to talk about the First or Second Temple (depending on whether it’s my Hebrew Scriptures or Christian Scriptures class) I invest my student by means of a class period playing with Lego. In fact, I up the ante by offering bonus points to whichever class ‘wins’ a competition where I take pictures of the temples, put them in a Google Form, and have our faculty and staff vote for the best.

In order to guide my students, I use recreations of these temples, usually produced by Faithlife, like this one:

Here are samples of the temples created this week (I give students about an hour to do this):

Super-tall Jesus featured!
Look’s like this semester’s winner in the making.
Pandering to faculty by adding them! Sometimes this works.

It’s a fun exercise. Faculty and staff have come to look forward to my email each semester where I have them vote. Obviously, most of my students love playing with Lego for an extended (block) class period. It’s a win-win!


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